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    Pocket Listings remain popular among high-profiled clients

    John Gilbert Getty of the J. Paul Getty oil family has parted with his landmark house in Los Feliz for $8.3 million. Called the Castle, the 1924 home was designed by A.F. Leicht, known…more

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    Pocket Insider’s Weekend List 5/16-5/18

    Fri. May 16 5:30 – 8:30 PM – Metro Bike Night at Union Station on Friday[1] Metro and our LA County partners will host a Bike Week wrap-up evening event at the Fred Harvey…more

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    Cash is King in California

    Real estate activity has continued to increase over the past year. The high demand for properties has lead to more competition between buyers. Listings are not only seeing multiple offers from qualified buyers, but…more

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    Tools to Help Your Apartment Search

    Courtesy of “1. Craigslist – The default. The most comprehensive listing. Pretty much what everyone and their mother uses. 2. Padmapper – It has, in my opinion, a far superior map interface than…more